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Mahanthappa, Kalyana T

Professor Emerita/Emeritus


  • Professor Emerita/Emeritus, Physics

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  • I work in the area of high energy and elementary particle physics. The aim of this field is to find the fundamental constituents of matter and the laws which govern their interactions. Specifically my work deals with how to unify the four fundamental forces of nature. At present the so-called the Standard Model has 22 parameters which are determined by experiments. The unification is aimed at reducing the number of parameters. At present we have a theoretical model reducing the number of parameters to nine . Also, in our model CP-violation is geometrical in origin and CP-violating phases are predicted; mixing angles agree with the recent experimental data. Recently we have undertaken an analysis of finite groups to find the ones leading to CP-violation.


  • Grand Unified Theories, Weak Interactions, CP Violation, Family Symmetries


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