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  • I do research and writing about the relationship between the kinds of propositions we use and the kinds of thoughts we have -- or don't have, or have trouble having -- particularly as communicated by the written word. Texts from various traditions inform my work: general semantics, the Buddhist Madyamika (e.g. Nagarjuna's The Fundamental Wisdom of the Middle Way, 2nd century India), linguistics, rhetorical studies, literature, CPT. In a connected arena, I do research and writing about the the effects of psychological projection (as described by Carl Jung, Marie Louise von Franz, Erich Neumann, and others) on interpersonal, professional, and international relationships. Language plays an important role in many such projections, as it helps people to create and maintain what Jung called 'an imaginary world' built from unacknowledged (generally unconscious) psychic material.


  • general semantics, psychological projection, Jungian psychology, politics, student writing, propositional structure, Madyamika, Buddhist philosophy, rhetoric, public policy, interpersonal relations, international relations, literature, education policy, music, music theory, music performance, history, social criticism, social and literary criticism, trauma



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