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  • Professor Diachenko's recent research focuses on the integration of various somatic practices in the training of dancers and the application of the Alexander Technique to dance performance and choreography and the other performing arts. She is currently investigating the complimentary nature of Alexander Technique and Prolotherapy in injury recovery, specifically addressing ligament laxity and compensatory movement patterns. She continues to choreograph for young students and professional dancers, incorporating the principles of Alexander Technique in her creative process. Her exploration of movement material and themes for the aging dancer is another area of her creative research. New research includes investigations on coordinated breathing and the influence on spinal alignment and speaking/singing.


  • Integration of somatic methods in dance training, dance medicine, dance science,injury prevention Alexander Technique as a complimentary modality with proliferation therapy, Alexander Technique application to the performing arts, choreography/performance for the aging dancer, current models of somatic training in USA dance departments,training Alexander teachers, integration of Alexander Technique and The Coordinated Breathing work of Carl Stough, Jessica Wolf's Art of Breathing



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