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Frederick, David M Associate Professor


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  • What do you see when you look at someone? What race? What ethnicity? What do you want others to see when they look at you? What race? What ethnicity? What if they (and you) get it wrong? My research efforts are concentrated in the areas of (1) inclusion and ethno-racial identification, and (2) behavioral decision-making, including the nature of expertise. First, with regard to studying ethno-racial issues, recent research has gone beyond a focus on addressing discrimination to creating an environment of inclusion, which embodies the values of respect for differences, equality of opportunity, and full participation of all individuals in a multicultural society. The goal of my work is to improve the clarity in the meaning, and accuracy in the operationalization, of race and ethnicity. Second, with regard to studying judgment and decision making, the goal of my work is to better understand individuals' actual decision behavior and its basis in underlying psychological processes.


  • marketplace inclusion, ethno-racial identity, racial categorization, discrimination, judgment and decision making, expertise, auditing, sports


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