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  • My research involves observations along with hydro/N-body cosmological numerical simulations of galaxy clusters. The numerical simulations model observations with the NASA Chandra X-ray observatory and the JLVA radio telescope. Along with graduate students & postdocs, I study the role of shocks and cosmic rays created as clusters merge. We are also developing new models to heat and cool the cores of galaxy clusters. This work is currently funded by a NASA ADAP grant. My other research involves Astrophysics from the Moon, consisting of the design of low frequency radio telescopes in lunar orbit and on the farside surface. I lead mission concept teams for MIDEX and SmallSat experiments in Redshifted Hydrogen Cosmology. This work is funded by a NASA ATP grant and a cooperative agreement from the NASA Ames Research Center. I also lead a multi-institution NASA-funded team called the Network for Exploration & Space Science with a $3.5 million grant.


  • Observations and Cosmological Numerical Simulations of galaxy clusters and large scale structures, astrophysics from the Moon, theoretical modeling and space-based mission design for 21-cm observations of the first stars and black holes during the Dark Ages and Epoch of Reionization


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