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Robinson, Janet S Senior Instructor


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research overview

  • J. Robinson's research is focused on film theory, history, and scholarship pertaining to cinema and media studies.


  • contemporary cinema studies, teaching film, television, and media studies, research, conference participation, and publishing in cinema and media studies



courses taught

  • CINE 2004 - CU Cinema Studies Seminar: The Telluride Film Festival
    Primary Instructor - Fall 2018
    Offers students a unique first-hand understanding of the significance of the film festival circuit in the context of global film culture and scholarship. Students will attend Telluride Film Festival screenings, discussions and Q&A sessions. After the festival, weekly screenings of select films from the previous year's festival offer insight into the festival's influence on box-office and the industry's award season. Formerly FILM 2004.
  • LIBB 2800 - Horror Films and American Culture
    Primary Instructor - Fall 2019
    Examines American horror films in an historical context through which students learn to recognize how horror films represent our culture's collective fears and provides an analysis of the horror film genre. Considers the cultural contexts in which horror films are made through study of the creation and reception of these films during specific times in American history.


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