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House, Veronica Senior Instructor


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  • My current research focuses on designing and assessing community-engaged courses that emphasize students' critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. I am interested in writing program administration and curricular design centered on community-based praxis and public writing. I am also interested in the institutionalization of community-based research/pedagogy as well as the intersections of food studies, eco-pedagogy, and writing studies.


  • food literacy, service-learning, community-based pedagogy, community-university partnerships, writing assessment, public writing, curricular design, community writing


selected publications


courses taught

  • WRTG 1150 - First-Year Writing and Rhetoric
    Primary Instructor - Spring 2021
    Rhetorically informed introduction to college writing. Focuses on critical analysis, argument, inquiry and information literacy. Taught as a writing workshop, the course places a premium on invention, drafting and thoughtful revision. For placement criteria, see the arts and sciences advising office. May be repeated up to 6 total credit hours.
  • WRTG 3020 - Topics in Writing
    Primary Instructor - Spring 2018 / Fall 2019 / Spring 2020 / Fall 2020
    Through sustained inquiry into a selected topic or issue, students will practice advanced forms of academic writing. Emphasizes analysis, criticism and argument. Taught as a writing workshop, places a premium on substantive, thoughtful revision. May be repeated up to 6 total credit hours. Department enforced prerequisite: WRTG 1150 or equivalent (completion of lower-division writing requirement).
  • WRTG 3030 - Writing on Science and Society
    Primary Instructor - Fall 2020
    Through selected reading and writing assignments, students consider ethical and social ramifications of science policy and practice. Focuses on critical thinking, analytical writing, and oral presentation. Taught as a writing workshop, the course addresses communication with professional and non-technical audiences. May be repeated up to 6 total credit hours.


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