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  • C.Maxx Stevens is an educator and artist. Her area of expertise is the Foundation Arts as well as working independently with students. She served as a Honors Representative and works with art students on their written thesis and projects. In Stevens’ work visual storytelling is an essential part of her artistic practice with issues of identity and how it relates to roles within her family and her community. Her practice includes mixed media drawing and printmaking but is best known for her installation work. She creates conceptual narrations of her life as a woman, artist and a Seminole/Mvscogee person. She describes her art as “a way to explore both my individual and collective identity, a way to share, beliefs, philosophy, a world, a past, family and culture.” At the core of Stevens’ work is an understanding that culture, tradition and identity. Her work reflects the constant changing of circumstances in contemporary Native life by social, economic or political conditions.


  • installation, mixed media, interdisciplinary artforms, cultural based, printmaking, drawing, sculpture, collector, educator, first year programs


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