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  • My research focus is on the Caribbean's history, culture and literature. My work addresses the relationship between spoken and body language, memory and place, geographical and social displacement. I experiment with narrating a story from beginning to end using traditional and non-traditional media, such as digital collage art books, sound design, performance, filmmaking, drawing and painting. I am profoundly engaged in the study of works by Marcel Proust, Paul Ricœur, Jacques Derrida, and Martin Hägglund, to further my explorations into time, memory, trauma and death. Pursuing that line of investigation, the narrative in my current works shifts back and forth between participation and observation and redraws the boundaries between historical fact and personal fiction by questioning how one may regain access to the idea of a 'frozen moment' through fragments of memory and the prism of the recollected.


  • painting, drawing, photography, digital printmaking, digital collage art books, sound design, ceramics, installation arts, filmmaking, performance, systemic racism, traditional draftsmanship, digital technology, global narrative, post-colonialism, migratory, participation, observation, time, memory, trauma, caribbean, caribbean's history, vodou, religion, death, marcel proust, paul ricœur, jacques derrida, and martin hägglund, historical fact, personal fiction, haiti, jamaica, benin, togo


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