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  • Li Shang's research spans several emerging areas of integrated circuit (IC) and system design, including embedded systems, design automation, design for nanotechnologies, and computer systems. As fabrication technology improvements steadily scale down the minimum feature size towards the nanometer regime, numerous challenges have emerged, from IC electronic system design to physical technology integration. Addressing these challenges will have timely and significant industrial and social benefits by advancing fundamental semiconductor technologies and electronic system integration. His research has focused on systematically investigating IC and system design and addressing the corresponding research challenges from IC system and architecture exploration, modeling and analysis, to technology integration, emphasizing a unified study of emerging IC electronic systems and physical technologies.


  • Cyber-Physical Systems, Embedded Systems, Wearable Computing, Social Computing


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  • ECEN 5033 - Special Topics
    Primary Instructor - Spring 2020
    Examines a special topic in Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering. May be repeated up to 9 total credit hours.


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