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  • Dr. Flores is interested in the questions of race and radicalization, particularly as attentive to Latinx bodies. Her current work attends to migration and mobility, border rhetorics, and radicalized stoppage.


  • rhetorical criticism, critical gender and race studies, whiteness, Latinx studies, border studies, migration and mobility, deportability and disposability


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courses taught

  • COMM 3420 - Gender and Communication
    Primary Instructor - Fall 2018 / Spring 2019 / Fall 2020
    Examines gender as a social practice that remains vital to identities, relationships, and institutions in contemporary society. Treats gender as something we do or enact through communication, rather than as something we are or have, and explores the implications of this shift in perspective. Investigates how gender interacts with sexuality, race, class, nation, age, ability, and other aspects of identity.
  • COMM 3760 - Rhetorical Criticism
    Primary Instructor - Spring 2018
    Considers what it means to do rhetorical research. Explores various methods for analyzing all forms of public discourse, such as political speeches, advertising, activist campaigns, and popular entertainment, to better understand their effects and influence. Recommended prerequisites: COMM 1210 and COMM 1600 and COMM 3300.
  • COMM 4300 - Senior Seminar: Rhetoric
    Primary Instructor - Spring 2019
    Requires students to synthesize and demonstrate what they've learned in the major. Please refer to the specific description listed for the current semester. Each seminar will vary greatly in format and content.
  • COMM 4950 - Senior Thesis: Honors
    Primary Instructor - Spring 2019
    For exceptional communication majors who wish to graduate with department honors and receive credit for writing an honors thesis. Recommended prerequisite: COMM 4100 and overall GPA of 3.35 or higher and a COMM or COMN GPA of 3.50 or higher.
  • COMM 5320 - Readings in Rhetoric
    Primary Instructor - Fall 2022
    Survey of classical and contemporary readings in rhetoric. Required for doctoral students in communication; optional for master's students.
  • COMM 6340 - Rhetoric and Civic Community
    Primary Instructor - Fall 2018
    Considers performances of public life as rhetorical inducements of civitas. Topics include negotiation of self-regulation among interdependent partners, rhetorical exclusions and/or counterpublics, and dialectical tensions of public/private as these contribute to and have civic consequences for publicness, community, and social will. Recommended prerequisite: COMM 5320.
  • COMM 6950 - Master's Thesis
    Primary Instructor - Fall 2019 / Spring 2020


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