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  • Dr. Popovic's research interests are in photonic microsystems, including silicon and nano photonics, nano-optomechanics and light forces, and integrated CMOS optoelectronics. He is interested in exploiting new physical phenomena that bridge nanophotonics and other fields, and that give rise to unique device design opportunities at nanometer device scales, to arrive at new concepts of device design and control. Problems are sourced from system-level applications in areas including computation, communication, energy conversion, sensing and actuation, and imaging. Current activities are: A. Energy-efficient nanophotonics for scaling supercomputers: energy and integration (funded by DARPA); B. Optonanomechanics and light forces: self-controlled photonics, optomechanical metamaterials; C. High-fidelity integrated photonic circuits for signal processing; D. Quantum integrated photonics for quantum information science, encryption and communication, and computing.


  • Silicon photonics, nanophotonics, “smart” self-adaptive photonic systems, nano-optomechanics, light forces. Energy efficient scalable CMOS photonic integration, chip-scale interconnects, Quantum integrated photonics, Fundamental performance limits of nanophotonic circuits, Strongly nonlinear and time-dependent systems, all-optical feedback control


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