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  • Michael Kodas is a journalism educator, researcher and working journalist. He teaches science writing, photojournalism, visual storytelling, principles of journalism, disaster coverage and media entrepreneurship. His editorial work involves producing books, photojournalism, long-form stories, news coverage, features and videos for print, broadcast and web outlets. Kodas focuses on environmental issues, most recently the global increase in wildfire and climate change. He researches the changing media landscape, how the business models are changing for news outlets. He uses that research and his continued contacts with media across America and around the world to connect students with opportunities to learn and work in modern journalism. Kodas's research into new methods of digital storytelling presents opportunities for students to participate in producing cutting-edge journalism dealing with significant, developing issues for local, regional, national and international news outlets.


  • Environmental journalism, photojournalism, video journalism, documentary production, multimedia journalism, transmedia journalism, science journalism, science writing, disaster and hazard journalism, wildfire, forestry, climate change journalism, energy journalism, breaking news coverage, investigative journalism, adventure journalism



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