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Kahn, David C Senior Instructor Adjunct


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  • Kahn's research focuses on the integration of complex sustainable systems in the contemporary built environment. Sustainable systems are evaluated at multiple scales, and across the disciplines of ecological land use planning, community and town planning, site-specific architecture, and landscape architecture. Systems include ecological, social, and economic processes and components. Studies evaluate strategies for integrating urban energy conservation and generation, green infrastructure, storm water remediation and utilization, urban agriculture, pedestrian and public space networks, mixed land uses, housing diversity, and 'aging in community' within specific built projects. Kahn's research and work in sustainable neighborhood design is nationally recognized and the recipient of numerous local, regional, and national awards.


  • Sustainable urban design and community planning, sustainable neighborhoods, energy conservation and generation, green infrastructure, storm water management, urban agriculture, design for aging in community, design for environmental interpretation, design for community participation and environmental stewardship, quantitative and qualitative indicators of sustainability

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