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Cook, Charles Lecturer


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  • Charles Cook's research interests are in leading edge telecommunication technologies and systems.


  • Wireline Communications, Wireless Communications, RF Engineering, Cloud Networks, Network Function Virtualization (NFV), Patents, Industry Standards, Software Defined Networking (SDN)


courses taught

  • TLEN 5310 - Fundamentals of Telecom & Broadband Systems
    Primary Instructor - Spring 2018 / Spring 2019
    Students completing this course will develop competencies in most telecommunications and broadband architectures and the underlying Layer-1 and Layer-2 fundamentals these architectures are based on. The foundational concepts learned in this course will be built upon in subsequent courses. Students will learn fundamental Layer-1 concepts that form the basis of telecommunication systems. Topics of focus include: decibels, noise analysis, transmission lines, electronic signals, radio spectrum characteristics, link budgets, analog and digital modulation, techniques, multiplexing, sampling and digital encoding, detection, and Shannon�s Law. They will also be introduced to fundamental building blocks of Layer-2 including coding, framing, an introduction to IP networking, and traffic engineering. Students will apply these Layer-1 and Layer-2 fundamentals to understand several telecommunication systems architectures including: xDSL, PON, CATV, Cellular wireless, WLAN, satellite systems, internet networking and related voice and data networks. The course will also introduce basic abstraction concepts of SDN and NFV as they pertain to telecommunication systems. Formerly TLEN 5310.

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