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Mason, Gesel R Assistant Professor


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  • Mason's research and creative interests include the embodied exploration of identity, otherness, and the human condition, particularly in the areas of sexual expression, African American studies, and women’s issues. As a choreographer, performer, and arts facilitator, she uses dance and performance as a vehicle to interrogate the self and society, stimulate dialogue, and catalyze transformation. Guiding questions include: What do we share or keep secret; how do we live, love, and persevere; and what can we learn from each other despite our differences? As a choreographer, Mason utilizes dance, theater, and storytelling to bring visibility to voices unheard, situations neglected, or perspectives considered taboo. As a performer, she is interested in what is communicated through movement and by the body. As an arts facilitator, she uses the arts in partnership with groups, organizations, and communities to address social issues and foster cross-cultural conversations.


  • the intersections of race, class and sexuality in identity performance, mass media, body politics; choreography, contemporary dance, arts facilitation and community engagement


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