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Weir, Richard F. ff. Associate Professor Adjunct


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  • I am focused on the development an artificial hand replacement capable of true dexterous manipulation for use by persons with upper-limb loss. Our research covers all aspects of the problem ranging from neural control and sensing, mechatronic design and development, novel actuator technologies, and clinical deployment of these systems. While we are able to build highly complex mechatronic recreations of the human hand but intuitive control of these hands still eludes us. The interface between the user and the device is lacking. To enable advanced control of the next generation of prosthetic devices we are developing, as part of the NIH SPARC initiative, a highly novel compact optogenetic based optical probe capable of optically neuromodulating individual afferent and/or efferent axons. My goal is to achieve non-invasive read-in or read-out from these nerves with the goal of modulating the organs, brain circuits, or muscles innervated by them.


  • Bioengineering, biomedical engineering, neural interface development, prosthetic limb development, control algorithms, human-machine interface, rehabilitation engineering, artificial hand and arm design, biosignals, bioinstrumentation, bionic limbs


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