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Souder, Heidi L Instructor


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  • Dr. Souder’s research is focused in two areas, coral reef ecology and wind energy-wildlife interactions. Foraminifera are indicators of environmental conditions, and specifically, Dr. Souder studies symbiont-bearing foraminifera as proxies for coral reef health. She also conducts research on how wildlife issues affect the deployment of land-based and offshore wind energy and solar energy in the United States. Current renewable energy projects include working with an international team of scientists and regulators to develop white papers on cumulative impacts of anthropogenic pressures on birds and bats. Further, Dr. Souder is working with Argonne National Laboratory on cost assessments associated avoiding, minimizing or mitigating wildlife concerns for solar energy projects. Finally, Dr. Souder just completed her third season with NestWatch, a national program out of the Cornell University Lab of Ornithology looking at nesting success of song birds in CO's front range.


  • coral reef ecology, benthic ecology, carbonate sedimentology, carbonate chemistry, wind energy, ocean engineering, educational outreach, estuary ecology


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