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  • Dr. Allaz's research is focused on metamorphic and magmatic petrology, including the evolution of mineral assemblage, the state of equilibrium between rock-forming minerals, disequilibrium process, and thermobarometry calculation (TWQ, THERIAK-DOMINO, and THERMOCALC). Most of these techniques require careful microanalyses. U-Th-Pb dating of monazite is also a main research topic of Dr. Allaz. Additionally, structural geology conducted in the field and under the microscope is necessary for a better understanding of the tectono-metamorphic history of a terrane (e.g. crystallization-deformation-time relations, vein formation, geological maps). Pending research grants include research in Rare Earth Element mineralization process near Jamestown (CO), and a study of the tecono-metamorphic history of Big Thompson Canyon using tools such as structural geology, thermobarometry, and geochronology (monazite microprobe dating, U-Th/He on apatite and zircon...).


  • microprobe laboratory, qualitative and quantitative chemical analysis of solid material including minerals, metals, alloys; Rare Earth Element minerals, microprobe dating of monazite, tectono-metamorphic history of terranes in Colorado and elsewhere in the US


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