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Zhang, Shuang Assistant Professor


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  • My research interests are development economics and applied microeconomics with a focus on health, education and environment. Guided by economic theory, my work lies in the use of quasi-experimental approaches to add to understanding core questions in the economics literature and providing policy lessons. Among my completed research, I explore two reforms during China’s great transition from Mao’s era to a market-oriented economy to empirically examine three issues: 1) parental education and child health; 2) prenatal environment and long-term human capital accumulation; 3) economic incentives and the sex ratio imbalance. I am working on several work-in-progress research. One project examines the role of the One Child Policy implementation in determining local officials' career path. Another project studies air pollution and health in China.


  • Development Economics, Health Economics, Economics of Education, Environmental Economics


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  • ECON 4646 - Topics in Health Economics
    Primary Instructor - Fall 2019
    Growth in health expenditures worldwide over the past three decades has led to an increase in research in health economics and its importance in public policy in developed and developing countries. The purpose of this course is to encourage students to read, think, and do research on issues in health economics. This course will cover issues that are pertinent to the US, other developed and developing countries. It will cover the basics of health economics such as health production functions and the role for government as well as touching on topical issues such as health care reform. Recommended prerequisite: ECON 3818.
  • IAFS 4500 - The Post-Cold War World
    Primary Instructor - Fall 2019 / Spring 2020
    Capstone course for international affairs majors. Examines the ways in which the end of the Cold War, the collapse of failed states, and the rise of global terrorism changed the world. Studies how peoples, governments and nongovernmental organizations face new social, political, economic and security challenges in an era of globalization. Includes discussion, oral reports, critical book reviews, and research papers.
  • IAFS 4810 - Honors in International Affairs
    Primary Instructor - Spring 2018
    Continuation of IAFS 4800. Students complete original research begun in the fall and write, defend their honors thesis and meet regularly with the instructor.


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