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Nagpal, Prashant Assistant Professor


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  • Controlling the structure of matter at the nanoscale opens exciting opportunities for manipulating the properties of materials with great flexibility and precision. While nanoscale structures made from semiconductors show unique and potentially useful size- and shape-dependent properties due to quantum confinement, metal nanostructures can efficiently confine light into nanoscale volumes due to generation of surface plasmon polaritons. Combining the useful properties of these materials can have important implications for absorption and emission of electromagnetic radiation for solar cells, artificial light sources, and other applications. Moreover, careful understanding of electronic structure in these hybrid nanoscale systems can also enable new physical processes for photosensitized catalytic or photovoltaic charge extraction.


  • My research focuses on development of novel material systems and processes for development of functional nanomaterials. Our studies are focused on advancement of fundamental knowledge of electronic structures, carrier dynamics, and interactions between incident electromagnetic radiation and these nanoscale materials.


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