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  • Dr. Lindsay’s research focuses on the social impact of architecture, especially the architecture of art museums. She studies museum architecture using multiple levels of analysis and from multiple scales, to understand how a building works internationally, for a city, for the institutional client, for curators and other museum staff, and for visitors. Her research relies on mixed methods, including interviews, archival searches, content analysis of critical response, observation, and spatial analysis. This work is useful to museum professionals, designers, social theorists, and cultural studies. A recently emerging facet of Dr. Lindsay’s attention to the social impact of architecture is an interest in how green buildings communicate sustainability to the general public. Here as well as with museums, she uses mixed methods to understand the building at multiple scales. This work contributes to an understanding of how design can advance the value of sustainability.


  • user perspective on architecture, art museums, museums and globalization, museums in urban design, sociology of space, buildings as communication


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