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Holmes, Kwame Assistant Professor


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  • My research investigates the intellectual, political and cultural history of modern liberalism, with a particular focus on the urban politics. Specifically, my current projects asks how the emergence of progressive urban governance coalitions can exist simultaneously with widespread displacement of impoverished populations from the urban core, or 'gentrification.' My in-progress book manuscript, Chocolate to Rainbow City: Liberalism and Displacement in the Nation's Capital, 1957-1999, argues that previous scholars have incorrectly located the history of neoliberalism within the rise of the New Right, the Moral Majority and the suburban tax revolt. By contrast, this project details the transformation of insurgent, radical racial and sexual liberation movements into middle class identity politics evacuated of critiques of economic inequality and invested, literally, in speculative land markets.


  • urban planning theory, urban development theory, u.s. history, african american history, urban history, american political history, social movement hisory, the history of sexuality, history of LGBT experience, women and gender studies, black studies, queer studies, critical geography


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