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Sideris, Petros Asst Professor Adjoint


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  • Dr. Sideris' research focuses on mitigating the damaging effects of natural hazards – particularly earthquakes – on the built environment through the development of innovative technologies in the form of resilient and sustainable infrastructure systems. His research encompasses four interconnected thrust areas: (1) Hybrid Sliding-Rocking (HSR) Bridges for Seismic Resilience and Sustainability, (2) Seismic Damage Mitigation in Bridges using Novel Polymeric Materials, (3) Mechanics-based Modeling of Softening Structural Systems, and (4) Energy Harvesting from Structural Vibrations in Civil Infrastructure Systems. His research studies combine fundamental mechanics and structural modeling, structural dynamics, experimental methods and large-scale testing, numerical methods and computational simulations, novel damage-resistant materials, large-scale energy harvesting from structural vibrations, and performance-based structural design.


  • development of seismically resilient bridge systems for accelerated construction through analytical studies and large-scale testing, performance-based seismic design, advanced and sustainable materials in structural engineering applications, numerical modeling of nonlinear and softening structures, experimental methods in structural and earthquake engineering, friction and rigid body dynamics models numerical methods and software development for structural engineering applications


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