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Vrieze, Scott Ian Asst Professor Adjunct


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  • Dr. Vrieze' group tackles several related problems. The discovery of novel genetic associations benefits from very large sample sizes. Our group participates in GSCAN, a consortium working to assemble a variety of genetic association studies with hundreds of thousands to millions of participants with measures of tobacco and alcohol use. We are also engaged in whole genome sequencing efforts to fine map known and novel loci associated with behavior, including addictive behavior, schizophrenia, and relevant endophenotypes. In other work, Dr. Vrieze is developing and validating wireless measurement techniques, including online surveys, GPS and geographical information systems to measure environmental exposure, as well as internet browsing behavior and exposures. Such wireless techniques will augment, and even supplant, some traditional behavioral measurement approaches, such as in-person questionnaires.


  • Behavioral, addiction, and psychiatric genetics; clinical psychology; behavioral measurement and prediction


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