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Afridi, Khurram Assistant Professor and Goh Faculty Fellow


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  • Dr. Afridi's research is focused on power electronics and energy systems incorporating power electronic controls as a means to efficiently harness, store, process, distribute and use energy. His research thrusts include the development of ultra-high efficiency compact grid-interfaced power converters that maintain high efficiency across wide operating ranges. Such converters are important for a wide variety of applications ranging from solar micro-inverters to power supplies for electronic loads. Other thrusts of his research group include long-life high-energy-density electrolytic-free energy buffers for twice-line-frequency energy storage, radio frequency (RF) power electronics for ultra-high-power-density energy conversion, and wireless power transfer.


  • power electronics, high frequency resonant converters, wireless power transfer, energy systems, automotive electronics, smart electric grids, power semiconductor devices


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