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Duffield, Cecily Jill Lecturer



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  • LING 2000 - Introduction to Linguistics
    Primary Instructor - Fall 2020
    Introduces the study of languages as structural systems. Describes principles of sound patterns, word formation, meaning, and sentence structure. Gives attention to language acquisition, psycholinguistics, language families, dialects, historical change in languages, and different language types.
  • LING 4220 - Language and Mind
    Primary Instructor - Fall 2021
    Studies topics such a speech perception, word recognition, sentence comprehension, language acquisition, bilingualism, reading and writing. Examines the role of language as a product and producer of the mind, studying interactions between language and cognition from an interdisciplinary perspective. Students will become familiar with the methods of psycholinguistics and design and conduct a psycholinguistic experiment on their own. Recommended prerequisites: PSYC 1001 and LING 2000. Same as PSYC 4220.
  • LING 5300 - Research in Psycholinguistics
    Primary Instructor - Fall 2021
    After a general introduction to issues and research methods in psycholinguistics (language production and comprehension, language and cognition, language acquisition), several major current research topics, such as models of speech production and theories of brain specialization for language, are explored. Recommended prerequisite: at least one graduate-level course in LING, PSYC or CSCI.