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  • Charles N. Long specializes in the study of clouds and their effect on the surface radiation energy balance of the Earth-atmosphere system. His research interests include observation, quantification, and analyses of the surface radiative energy budget, quantification of cloud macro-physical properties from surface-based measurements, and cloud forcing and feedbacks with respect to surface radiation. Toward these ends, he has developed a widely used algorithm for automated quality assessment of surface radiation budget data (e.g. the QCRad code currently used by several surface radiation networks), and pioneered the development of techniques to infer cloud properties using surface radiometer and meteorological measurements. Other areas of interest include the development of surface-based instrumentation and systems for measuring cloud and radiative properties, and observational field campaigns, where Dr. Long has a long history of participation and leadership.


  • Cloud effects on surface radiation, cloud forcing and feedbacks, cloud remote sensing, observational field campaigns


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