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  • Researches in the iPower3Es group led by Prof. Hanh-Phuc Le are focussed on two main directions: integrated Power Electronics and Energy-Efficient Systems. In integrated Power Electronics, our research projects combine expertise in both integrated circuits and power electronics in order to create a solution with smaller footprint while still achieving high performance and efficiency. In Energy-Efficient Systems direction, our goal is to create new energy-efficient platforms for future data center, communications, high-performance digital systems, low-power biomedical implants, and the Internet of Things. The projects in this direction demonstrate our expertise in integrated circuits and systems, combined with interdisciplinary collaborations from other research areas, including flexible electronics, optogenetics, communications, psychology and neuroscience.


  • Integrated power conversions, smart DC home and DC building power distributions, miniaturized electronics for area- and power-efficiency, implantable devices, data center, high-performance digital systems


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