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  • James Millette's research utilizes a broad dental-ecological framework which incorporates both field and laboratory-based elements to understand the impacts of dental impairment among nonhuman primates. His research focuses on how dental impairment, in the form of tooth wear and tooth loss, affects the individual's capacity to process, breakdown and utilize food items. His work also examines how dental impairment impacts individuals in terms of their behavior, health and nutritional status. James is also interested in understanding sources of dental wear among nonhuman primates, and how individuals may compensate against dental impairment through alterations to their activity budget, food processing behaviors and social behaviors. In addition to his research in on nonhuman primates, James is also interested in the use of drones and LiDAR for mapping purposes. He intends to use these technologies for conducting primate ecology and/or conservation research in the future.


  • dental ecology, dental impairment, tooth loss, ring-tailed lemurs, nonhuman primates, dental wear, primate behavioral ecology, primate nutrition, unmanned aerial vehicles, dental topographic analysis, behavioral adaptation, hyperspectral imaging


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  • ANTH 2010 - Introduction to Biological Anthropology 1
    Primary Instructor - Fall 2018 / Fall 2019
    Detailed consideration of human biology, the place of humans in the animal kingdom, primate ecology and fossil evidence for human evolution. Required for ANTH majors.

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