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  • Eliza specializes in nineteenth-century French literature with a focus on cultural studies, gender studies,linguistic anthropology, and sociolinguistics. Her work on French argot relies heavily on linguistic concepts such as enregisterment, entextualization, indexicality, and iconization. She is currently working on a book manuscript entitled, Literary Slumming: Argot and the Criminal Classes in the Nineteenth Century, which is a comprehensive study of argot and its speakers in modern French literary culture. Her book looks at the ways in which upper-class writers, lexicographers, and literary critics participated in a kind of second degree “slumming” through the appropriation and manipulation of criminal and popular culture in written texts, and reveals the ways in which the practice of literary slumming constitutes a larger sociolinguistic trend.


  • Argot, slang, urban culture, eighteenth-century French literature, nineteenth-century French literature, twentieth-century French literature, sociolinguistics, crime fiction, history of crime and punishment, popular literature, French cinema, women and gender studies, queer studies and theory, applied linguistics



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