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Chung, Jae Won Assistant Professor


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  • Jae Won Chung's dissertation looked at the discourse of “everyday life” as a crucial site of post-colonial and Cold War contestations, revealing a range of nuanced and complex ontological, aesthetic, affective negotiations under way in how everyday life was imagined, represented, and understood. By analyzing works of fiction writers, intellectuals, photographers, essayists, filmmakers, rural leaders, and U.S. and South Korean governmental actors, he brought into focus what he calls a “postwar crisis of modernity,” which was shaped by the lingering legacy of Japanese imperialization and an ongoing negotiation with South Korea’s semi-sovereign position vis-à-vis the United States. He is also developing his second project organized around the evolving interplay between literary representations of the apocalyptic and the mundane in the modern construction of subjectivity from the colonial-era to the present.


  • modern and contemporary Korean literature, intellectual history, philosophy, media studies (with a particular emphasis on photography and cinema), Asian American studies, theories of race and affect