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Mukhopadhyay, Tathagat Assistant Professor


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  • My research interests focus on several areas of accounting and financial economics including: determinants of disclosures and their capital market consequences; peer effects of corporate communication platforms; effects of preferential access in capital markets on institutional investors; effects of mandatory textual disclosures on the opinions of shareholders; and, unintended consequences of SEC mandated disclosures on informed traders such as mutual funds and corporate insiders.


  • Institutional investors, international capital markets, private information, capital market intermediaries, corporate access, investor recognition, say-on-pay voting, executive compensation, mutual fund disclosures, insider trading, unintended consequences of regulations


courses taught

  • BCOR 2203 - Principles of Accounting I
    Primary Instructor - Fall 2018 / Fall 2019 / Fall 2020 / Fall 2021
    The course builds a basic understanding of how information regarding a firm's resources and obligations is conveyed to decision makers outside the firm. Students will be exposed to both a user-perspective (how to read and analyze financial accounting reports) and a preparer-perspective (how business transactions affect the financial statements). Particular emphasis will be placed on understanding the accounting cycle, or the system with which businesses process and record their business events to create the financial statements. Credit not granted for this course and BCOR 2000, BCOR 2002.


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