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Davis, Mathew Senior Instructor


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  • My research focuses on resilience community design. The path towards a resilient and sustainable future lies fundamentally at the local level in which neighborhoods, communities, towns and cities can operate independently, if not autonomously, from large-scale infrastructures, specifically in energy production and in food systems. However, if such transformations are to take place, ecological literacy must become a cornerstone of this transition, embraced by all academic disciplines at universities. Concern for human degradation has been a theme among many design professionals for well over 50 years. Although, sustainable design has become the cornerstone of many design professions, many have begun to question the viability of sustainability based on mounting evidence that we are approaching a tipping-point of our planetary limits. Therefore, creating a path towards greater resiliency and ecological interdependence is arguably the only path available for the future of the planet.


  • Community Resilience, urban agriculture, Landscape Architecture