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  • Informed by her love of science fiction and fantasy texts as well as her experience as a 9th and 10th grade English and reading teacher, Toliver’s scholarship centers the freedom dreams of Black youth and honors the historical legacy that Black imaginations have had and will have on activism and social change. Specifically, her research hinges upon four central questions: (1) What stories might Black youth tell when they read, write, listen to, and watch speculative fiction? (2) How do Black people use speculative fiction as a social justice tool? (3) How are Black youth positioned in speculative fiction texts? and (4) How can literacy researchers and English teachers use speculative fiction in research and teaching? Through these queries, Toliver discusses the implications of erasing Black children from futuristic and imaginative contexts and assists teachers in imagining how classrooms can use speculative fiction as a means to center Black joy and Black dreams.


  • Afrofuturism, Black Girls; Speculative Fiction


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