(Toon, Owen Brian - 2013) -- Distinguished Research Lectureship Award or Honor Receipt uri icon



  • The author of more than 300 research papers, Professor Toon is recognized as one of the most influential researchers in the geosciences. His research focuses on radiative transfer, aerosol and cloud physics, atmospheric chemistry, and parallels between the Earth and planets. His early work (with the late Carl Sagan) contributed to the reduction of nuclear weapons by demonstrating the catastrophic environmental impact of nuclear war. As a NASA scientist and more recently at CU-Boulder, Professor Toon has conceived, developed, and led numerous field and satellite missions that have dramatically increased our knowledge of volcanic clouds in the stratosphere, ozone loss, the effects of aircraft on the atmosphere, and the Earth’s climate system.
    Professor Toon was the founding Chair of the Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, a position he held from 2005–2012. He is a fellow of the American Geophysical Union, the American Meteorological Society, and the California Academy of Sciences. He has been awarded the ISI Thomson Scientific Highly Cited Researchers Award, the Robert L. Stearns Award, the NASA Medal for Exceptional Scientific Achievement, and the American Geophysical Union’s Roger Revelle Medal.