(Molnar, Peter - 2014) -- Distinguished Research Lectureship Award or Honor Receipt uri icon



  • Few scientists have consistently tackled as broad a range of challenging problems in the physics of the Earth at such a fundamental level as Professor Molnar. His work is distinctive in the range of tools he is able to bring to bear. His observational skills in seismology, tectonic physics and geological field work, together with his impressive theoretical abilities, make it possible to gain an understanding of how the heat and mass transfer mechanisms in solid earth, the oceans and the atmosphere are interrelated. For his lecture, Professor Molnar will draw upon this understanding to argue that when the Indonesian islands arose from the sea three million years ago, their emergence transformed tropical climates. This transformation, in turn, led to the high latitude cooling over Canada, making the ice ages possible.
    The list of Professor Molnar’s fellowships, invited lectures and honors is long and notable. A few highlights include serving as a member of the plate tectonics delegation to China, a Guggenheim Fellowship at the Department of Geodesy and Geophysics at Cambridge University and a visiting fellowship with the Department of Earth Sciences at Oxford University.