(Whitt, Jan - 2014) -- BFA Award for Excellence in Research, Scholarly and Creative Work Award or Honor Receipt uri icon



  • Professor Whitt is a renowned scholar whose research exploring the impact of literature on film and other media texts has received numerous awards from a variety of scholarly associations. In addition to scores of refereed articles, book chapters and essays, Professor Whitt has authored several books that merit special recognition. Her edited volume, Reflections in a Critical Eye: Essays on Carson McCullers, earned critical acclaim and several book awards. Her book Women in American Journalism: A New History won a major research award for feminist scholarship from the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication. Burning Crosses and Activist Journalism: Hazel Brannon Smith and the Mississippi Civil Rights Movement focuses on the role that Smith, the editor of four Southern community newspapers, played in advancing the cause of civil rights. The scholarship is so significant that the book, even before it was published, was recognized with numerous awards.
    Professor Whitt’s current projects include a book on Western author and environmental activist Terry Tempest Williams and a book on Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood for the Contemporary American Literature series.

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