(Jonas, David - 2014) -- AAAS Fellow Award or Honor Receipt uri icon



  • Throughout his distinguished career, Professor Jonas has played a key role in understanding and measuring molecular movements. Jonas’s work focuses on probing and measuring the fastest electronic movements within molecules. In 1998, Jonas’s research group used femtosecond lasers to measure fast electronic and vibrational motions in environments such as liquids, proteins and semiconductors. His technique is widely used today. Being able to measure and understand these fast electronic movements enabled important research in photochemistry as well as in some proposed next generation photovoltaics. Other areas of Jonas’ research include electronic dynamics at “conical intersections” and other approaches to higher efficiency in solar energy conversion. Advancing photovoltaic technology is the focus of his research as a fellow of the Renewable and Sustainable Energy Institute.
    Among Jonas’s numerous professional awards are the 2015 BOMEM-Michelson Award of the Coblentz Society and selection as a fellow of the American Physical Society in 2007. Jonas has been at CU-Boulder since 1995.