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  • Since joining CU-Boulder in 1992, Professor Bowman has distinguished himself as an award-winning researcher, teacher, and department leader. Professor Bowman’s research focuses on the formation and properties of cross-linked polymeric materials, especially when they are formed through photopolymerization reactions. His research has applications in a variety of fields, including microfluidic devices, liquid crystal displays, and nanotechnology. Particularly noteworthy is Professor Bowman’s development of new biomaterials for such purposes as dental restoration. Among other awards, Professor Bowman has received the award for Outstanding Progress in Chemical Engineering and the Charles M.A. Stine Award, both from the American Institute of Chemical Engineering, and the R.H. Wilhelm Award from the American Institute of Chemical Engineers. His teaching has been honored with the Residence Academic Life Teaching Award, the John and Mercedes Peebles Teaching Innovation Award, and the Curtis W. McGraw Award from the American Society of Engineering Education.
    Professor Bowman served as chair of his department from 2003–07 and 2011–12 and as the Director for the Materials Science and Engineering Program since 2010. He currently holds the James and Catherine Patten Endowed Chair of Chemical and Biological Engineering.

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  • Bowman, Christopher  Distinguished Professor and the James M. and Catherine Patten Chair in Chemical Engineering