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  • Professor Seals’ primary research interest is the integrative physiology and pathophysiology of human aging. He focuses particularly on the changes in large artery stiffness, the biological and lifestyle factors that influence vascular aging and the integrative mechanisms that mediate vascular aging, as well as interventions to mitigate adverse physiological changes with aging. Seals founded the Responsible Conduct of Research Program, which provides research training from the undergraduate to postdoctoral levels, and he teaches courses on the physiology of aging and on professional skills for the research scientist.
    Seals has received numerous honors for his work, including the Citation Award from the American College of Sports Medicine; a MERIT Award from NIH to support his research on habitual exercise and vascular endothelial dysfunction in older adults; the Herbert H. deVries Award for Distinguished Research in the Field of Aging; and a BFA award for research, scholarly and creative work. He was named an Edward F. Adolph Distinguished Lecturer by the American Physiological Society. As a scholar of exceptional talent, Seals was named a Professor of Distinction by CU’s College of Arts and Sciences.

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