(King, Michael Dumont - 2015) -- AAAS Fellow Award or Honor Receipt uri icon



  • Prior to joining LASP in 2008, Dr. King served as project scientist for NASA’s Earth Radiation Budget Experiment and as senior project scientist for NASA’s Earth Observing System at the Goddard Space Flight Center. His research experience includes conceiving, developing and operating multispectral scanning radiometers from a number of aircraft platforms, which he has used in the field to study atmospheric conditions ranging from arctic stratus clouds to smoke from the Kuwait oil fires and biomass burning in Brazil and Africa. As leader of the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer team on the Terra and Aqua satellites, King led the development of formulas for determining five science algorithms that are routinely run to process MODIS data, including the algorithm for determining, for example, how much sunlight is scattered by clouds back into space. These algorithms have enabled scientists to gain a more precise picture of the complex atmospheric conditions of our planet.
    King has authored more than 89 papers published in refereed scientific journals and has edited or authored numerous book chapters and scientific documents. He is a coeditor of Our Changing Planet: The View from Space (Cambridge University Press, 2007).'