(Palmer, Martha Stone - 2010) -- BFA Award for Excellence in Research, Scholarly and Creative Work Award or Honor Receipt uri icon



  • Professor Palmer is internationally recognized for her work in computational semantics and Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology and is considered by her peers to be one of the top computational linguists in the world. Her research concerns the representation, acquisition, and use of semantic information in computer systems that process language. In other words, she is teaching machines to understand language.
    Professor Palmer has published three books and numerous journal articles, book chapters, and conference presentations. She has served as the president of the Association of Computational Linguistics, chair of the Special Interest Group on Chinese Language Processing and the Special Interest Group on the Lexicon, and as an instructor at the Stanford Summer Linguistics Institute. She also directs the University of Colorado Summer Linguistics Institute.
    At CU-Boulder since 2005, Professor Palmer has been actively involved in research in natural language processing and knowledge representation for more than 20 years.