(Raschke, Markus B - 2016) -- AAAS Fellow Award or Honor Receipt uri icon



  • Markus Raschke joined the physics department in 2010 and heads the Center for Ultrafast-Nano Optics. Using a combination of ultrafast and shaped laser pulses with scanning probe microscopy, he and his research team apply their techniques to develop new spectroscopy modalities with a broad range of uses. In 2016 the center announced a record-breaking new optical microscope that can capture images at both the ultrafast and the nano scales.
    Professor Raschke sits on the editorial board of the journal Progress in Surface Science, is associate editor of Science Advances and is a guest editor of Synchroton Radiation News. Author or co-author of more than 100 journal articles and papers, he holds several U.S. patents related to nano-optics and has partnered with the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and private enterprises to develop infrared spectroscopy. Earlier this year he was awarded the Wilhelm Bessel Award from the Humboldt Foundation, given in recognition of lifetime achievements in research. Award winners are invited to conduct research projects of their choice in cooperation with colleagues in Germany, with the goal of promoting international scientific cooperation.