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  • Christopher Bowman’s research combines engineering and material science with organic chemistry to, in his words, “address problems that couldn’t be addressed otherwise.” As co-director of the National Science Foundation I/UCRC (Industry–University Cooperative Research Centers) Program on Fundamentals and Applications of Photopolymerizations, housed jointly at CU Boulder and the University of Iowa, Bowman heads research that has led to the development of new polymer materials and mechanisms. Many of these new materials are dental restoratives, like cavity fillings and teeth sealants. His lab also works on so-called smart materials that respond when exposed to light or when heated, as well as on substances that solidify faster or are stronger than today’s available industrial components. These innovations could prove useful for micro- and nanotechnology applications in wound healing.
    Bowman, who has been awarded more than a dozen patents, is a fellow of the National Academy of Inventors. In addition to heading the Materials Science and Engineering Program at CU Boulder, he is a clinical professor of dentistry at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center.

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  • Bowman, Christopher  Distinguished Professor and the James M. and Catherine Patten Chair in Chemical Engineering