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  • Kathy Schultz is a leading expert on teaching and teacher learning, addressing issues related to equity, diversity, access and opportunities for minority students. Her broad scholarly range encompasses the disciplines of educational anthropology, urban education, literacy and curriculum.
    Since coming to CU Boulder in 2016, Schultz has focused on developing place-based partnerships to strengthen student teaching; professional development and research; policy; and community engagement projects. She has worked closely with partners in northeast Colorado to develop recruitment and retention strategies as a way to address the teacher shortage in that area and across the state.
    Schultz has worked to understand how to prepare and support teachers to enter and remain in challenging urban contexts. Her work focuses on the research, development and dissemination of pedagogical practices that support new and veteran teachers working with marginalized populations in high-poverty areas. In her book Listening: A Framework for Teaching Across Differences, she presented teaching as fundamentally based on listening to students.

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