(Stade, Eric - 2018) -- Impact in the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics Award or Honor Receipt uri icon



  • Eric Stade is the newest recipient of the American Mathematical Society’s Award for Impact in the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics.

    This prestigious award, which began in 2013, recognizes Stade, a University of Colorado Boulder professor of mathematics, for not only his sustainable and replicable contributions to the mathematics education of students in the first two years of college, but also his work with improving high school math education.

    “This particular award is an honor to me because this award is meant to recognize those teaching lower division mathematics and to teach people who will go on to teach elementary mathematics, and this has always been very important to me,” says Stade.

    Over the past 10 years, Stade has worked with the Department of Mathematics to reform the way professors teach conventional mathematics. In pre-calculus and calculus, Stade, along with other faculty, have shifted the curriculum to a discovery-based program, which replaces some traditional lectures with interactive problems.