(Rodriguez, Nancy - 2021) -- Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Program Award or Honor Receipt uri icon



  • Nancy Rodriguez, assistant professor of applied mathematics at the University of Colorado Boulder, has won a National Science Foundation CAREER award, which will support her efforts to mathematize conceptual models in criminology, economics and ecology.

    CAREER Awards provide up to $500,000 over five years to support the research and teaching of early career faculty. These prestigious grants support early career faculty who exemplify the role of teacher-scholar through outstanding research, excellent teaching, and the integration of education and research.

    With the award’s support, Rodriguez plans three projects:

    One will focus on the role of movement in ecological systems or redistribution within economic systems. The aim is to understand what movement strategies are optimal and why clustering of competing populations works, her abstract states.
    Another will develop and study models for human rioting. “This will enable us to tease out the most important factors behind the dynamics of different riots,” the abstract states. A third will draw from work in mathematical epidemiology to develop a multi-scale model for crime from a public health perspective, “which can help us to test the effect of different policies on the dynamics of violent crimes.”