(Covert, Bert - 2008) -- Traditional Fulbright Scholarship Award or Honor Receipt uri icon



  • A specialist in behavioral ecology and conservation of endangered colobine monkeys of Southeast Asia, Professor Covert has been involved in the Khau Ca Forest Tonkin snub-nosed monkey conservation project in Ha Giang Province in Vietnam since 2004. Due to these efforts, data show that the population at Khau Ca is now stable and increasing in size. Initial behavioral ecological data are being used to help plan a forest expansion and rehabilitation program. These activities provided the impetus for the Vietnam government to support the establishment of a habitat conservation area at Khau Ca in 2009. His Fulbright will support his paleontological field research with colleagues from the Geologic Museum of the Department of Geology and Minerals of Vietnam in Hanoi. He also will study primate conservation and ecology with colleagues at the Endangered Primate Rescue Center of Cuc Phuong National Park.
    Covert has been associate curator at the University of Colorado Museum since 1989. He received a Boulder Faculty Award Excellence in Teaching Award, and in 2001, he was awarded a Fulbright Scholar Award for work with the Geological Museum of Vietnam and the Department of Geology and Minerals of Vietnam.