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  • Research interests include; 1) Holocene paleoceanography and sea-ice history of Greenland, Iceland, and Labrador shelves 2) glacial-marine sedimentation: stratigraphy, paleoenvironments, and glacial history on high latitude shelves (East Greenland, West Greenland, Iceland, Labrador) and in Baffin Bay; and 3) Modern foraminiferal distributions and ecology on high latitude shelves (West Greenland, East Greenland, Iceland) and sub ice shelf environments (Petermann Glacier Fjord and ice shelf, NW Greenland).


  • Greenland Ice Sheet history, Paleoceanography of high latitude continental shelves, Role of ocean warming in past ice sheet behavior, foraminiferal analyses, ice berg rafting, ice sheet ocean interactions, sub ice-shelf environment, Foraminifera


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